About Us

String Wood specializes in Custom build Guitars & Amps, boutique pedals, handmade guitar straps, guitar design, refinishing and painting and restoration. We are the European Service Center for B&G guitars and service all brand guitars and also repair amplifiers and pedals. 

We represent next to our own String Wood hand built guitars, top boutique brands such as RebelRelic, B&G Guitars, Mellus Guitars and also top manufacturers such as Music Man, Ibanez, Guild and Hagstrom and carry Gibson and Fender. On the amplifier side we carry our own brand String Wood with the Blues Fever launched this year and represent top brands such as Marshall, Vox, Hughes & Kettner, BluGuitar and Peavey and Fender. 

We are guitar players ourselves and we know what a good instrument should feel and sound like. We help our customers find "their sound". 
We have been successful in building our own state of the art String Wood Custom Amplifier range with the point to pont hand wired "Blues Fever", “The Superior” and "Twin Fever". The Blues Fever and Tube Fever have received top ratings in magazine "De Gitarist" already in 2016 and are now being used by many well known guitar players such as Lorijn von Piekartz, Jett Rebel, Waylon and our own Blues Dog, just to name a few. 

We have a full range of String Wood products. In our String Wood Guitar line, we offer various options for premium tops, necks, finishes, pick guards, tone upgrades and hardware upgrades. 
String Wood Custom Guitars are build using top handmade components from the famous custom shops and local luthiers. We also produce the award winning Tube Fever Drive together with Elfring Manufacturing. Juliette has her own line of handmade guitar straps using the most beautiful exotic fabrics.

Our in house studio will allow you to try the instruments in the best conditions, with a strong pushed amp and upon request, you may record into LogicPro to listen to rested ears. As masters of sound, we will help you make a selection of the best components that determine "your sound". In short, We help you find your sound"

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