About Us

We specialize in custom built Guitars & Amps, Pedals, Guitar design, Refinishing and Painting. We represent next to the typical suspects such as Fender and Gibson, top boutique brands such as Smitty Custom Guitars, RebelRelic, B&G, Ibanez but also top manufacturers such as Guild and Hagstrom. We also carry our own high end line of custom crafted instruments under the String Wood brand. On the amplifier side we carry our own brand String Wood with the now proven hand wired "Blues Fever" and "Twin Fever amps", but also represent top brands such as  Marshall, Vox, Kool & Elfring and we carry the entire range of Hughes & Kettner ! 

We are musicians ourselves and we know what a good instrument should feel like and sound like. We will help you find "your sound". We know that wood and paint do make difference as do custom wound pickups build to customer order. We dedicate a lot of effort and individual passion into each instrument that we design and build. In our Custom Shop you will find a wide selection of the best guitars from the best builders and amps and pedals at a very high level to accompany your demand. 

Our in house studio will allow you to try the instruments in the best conditions, with a strong pushed amp and upon request, you may record into LogicPro to listen to rested ears. As masters of sound, we will help you make a selection of the best components that determine "your sound". In short, We help you find your sound"

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